If you read my resume, you’ll find that I majored in Professional Writing with a minor in film. You’ll also find that following college but before moving to Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time writing for music magazines before settling into an editor position at a weekly publication focusing on urban redevelopment. Here’s what you won’t find:

I once had a copywriting job that transferred me to Las Vegas where I lived in a casino where it was Chinese New Year every day. This was a very short-lived job, as my boss was arrested for money laundering in the amount of $17 million two weeks later.

I was once arrested when a SWAT team raided my new apartment not realizing that the person they were looking for had moved out two days prior. If you ask politely, I might show you the copy of Busted Magazine where I appear on the cover. If you are here because I applied for a job at your company, you will notice this record has been expunged. I like to tell people about it because mugshots, regardless of what happens with your case, are forever. Thanks, Internet. Also, I will talk your ear off about the prison industrial complex if you let me.

I’m a musician, but who isn’t? More: I play the piano and sing. I have two albums, and I sort of like one of them.

I really like motels. I currently run used to run Murder Motels, a seedy travelogue devoted to roadside motels and other oddities, and NewsbytheComments. Some people don’t realize that  NbtC is sarcastic.

I like to use the Oxford comma when not writing professionally. I also like sentence fragments.

I talked a man with a gun out of mugging me once. He apologized and wished me a happy new year. I do not have negotiation skills listed on my resume, but I believe this is a testament to them.

I like: the gym, lattes, road trips, ghost towns, kittens, music, tourist traps, cop show tropes, avocados, stories, dive bars, dancing, getting up early, the Internet, pop culture, and progressive politics.



Twitter: @jbrylah
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jrylah

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  1. Dave Jones
    Dave Jones · February 26, 2012 at 06:21:47 · →

    This is going to be a great site, always love the “diatribes” on Facebook.

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